posted Feb 6, 2020, 8:43 AM by Catherine Faulconer
Each year the VDOE (Virginia Department of Education) recognizes professional school counselors during the week of February 3-7. As we celebrate National School Counseling Week, William Campbell would like to recognize Mrs. Dalton and Miss Mills for their hard work and dedication towards making our school a wonderful learning environment for all students. If you see Mrs. Dalton or Miss Mills, please let them know how much you appreciate all that they do.

Attention students 14 years and older: Would you like to be paid $500 to live in the woods for 3 weeks? If you love the outdoors and are interested in possibly working in a career such as becoming a game warden, a conservationist, or similar occupations..... this is the summer program for you! Must be a hard worker. If interested in the program or want more details, please see Mrs. Faulconer in HS Guidance. Deadline to apply is March 5, 2020.


Attention Seniors: The guidance office has received information for applying for the following scholarships:     
  • Virginia Bankers Association Bank Day
  •  PB&J Scholarship
  •  Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship

Please see WC’s website or stop by HS Guidance for more information on these and other scholarships.


The February Driving Range will be held Feb. 17th-21st. Sign up on Coach Glover’s door. $100 payment is due by February 14th.


Attention all 11th graders: The SAT will be given at WCCS on March 25th. Please note that ALL 11th graders will be taking this test for free and do not need to sign up. SAT Prep sessions are being held at various times over the next several weeks. We encourage you to attend. For any questions about SAT test day or prep sessions, please see Ms. Mills or Mrs. Dalton in guidance.


Attention 11th or 12th graders who are considering a career in Engineering. William Campbell may have two students participate in the annual BWXT, Framatome, and NOVATECH Engineering Mentorship program. It is a great program and students who have participated in the past have really enjoyed working on engineering projects with actual engineers. You also get a free lunch during February, March, and April at a nice restaurant! If you are interested please see Mrs. Dalton ASAP. The first luncheon is on February 11th.