Counseling Office College Application Procedures

William Campbell High School

Guidance College Application Procedures

  • Be aware of deadlines. It is your responsibility to know when your application is due. Guidance is not responsible for applications mailed/submitted late. Guidance needs at least 2 weeks to process an application/transcript request.

  • If needed, contact Collegeboard to have your SAT scores sent directly to the colleges you are applying.  

  • Ask teachers to write letters of recommendation IF needed (give AT LEAST 2 week’s notice). Inform teachers of a deadline for when letters are due to Guidance.  

  • Ask Mrs. Dalton to write recommendations IF needed (give AT LEAST 2 week’s notice).

  • Complete online applications OR complete paper applications (neatly!)

  • Proof-read essays before submitting

  • Print any additional forms on the college’s website that need to be provided to Mrs. Dalton to be completed (example: Secondary Counselor Form, etc.).

  • If you complete a paper application turn in the entire application WITH payment to the Guidance Office. We will mail packet for you.

  • Complete College Transcript Request and Application Package Checklist Your first two transcripts are free. Each additional transcript costs $3. (Note: We do not charge for transcripts for scholarship applications.)