School Counseling Links

Academic Support: :   Wow.  A WONDERFUL tutoring site that has hundreds of videos on a variety of academic subjects (especially math). Want to know how to what a quadratic formula is? Watch the short video! Want to learn the best approaches to a word problem? Watch a video! Algebra, Geometry, Banking, Brain teasers and MUCH more!  Let Mrs. Dalton know what you think after you try a few!


Helpful Websites for College and Career:  Check out this link to our local branch of the Campbell County library. Sites for elementary, middle and high school students for research, testing and other academic support sites!    Register for the SATs, search for colleges that match your needs, interests, etc.  :   Register for the ACT , test prep, college search, career planning  : Website provides free information regarding Virginia community college system.  Provides a great calculator that helps to determine how much money you would save going to a community college versus a four year college : Information on private colleges in Virginia. Also has information regarding the TAG grant which is a program that provides annual grants to Virginia residents who are full-time students at eligible nonprofit, private colleges and universities in the state.  :  Free College Search Program  :Large scholarship free search website : scholarships! scholarships! scholarships! : College tours "on line". 360-degree views of over a thousand schools. Also provides a free national scholarship search.   :The Common Application which is accepted by over 100 colleges and universities  : The coalition application is accepted at many colleges and universities : The Common Black College Application which allows students to apply to several historically black colleges and universities at one time for one low fee :  Free Application for Federal Student Aid (ALL students planning on attending college in the 2011 - 2012 school year will need to complete this application).  Applications for the 2011 - 2012 school may be submitted beginning January 1, 2011.  Check the Guidance Announcement section for the date of our financial aid workshop.

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