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Rising 8th Grade Registration

For Rising 8th Graders only!


OPTION #1 IF YOU HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED AN ACADEMIC PLAN WITH MS. MILLSDue to a recent change in how our schedule will run next year  (8 classes instead of 7 classes), rising 8th graders need to request additional electives to fill open spots.  Most of you all have already created academic plans with Ms. Mill so you do not need to re-choose your primary classes.  However, we need for you to choose 5 electives (2 primary and 3 alternates) to go with your English, Math, Science, History and PE.  Please include any electives you also chose with Ms. Mills.  Also note, Health Sciences is NO LONGER being offered.  Click here to complete this information.

OPTION #2 IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED AN ACADEMIC PLAN WITH MS. MILLS: It's that time of year again! Let's get ready for next year! Everything you need is listed below including graduation requirements and the CCS Program of Studies in which you can find class descriptions.  All course requests must be submitted electronically. You may always reach out to Mrs. Dalton or Ms. Mills if you have questions or need help! sdalton@campbell.k12.va.us

Let's Start Registering for Classes:

You must complete your course requests by Monday, April 12, 2021.

Step 1:  Review high school graduation requirements here
Step 2:  Review the CCS Program of Studies here if needed (for course description purposes only).
Step 3:  Click here to complete your course request form for next year. Follow the directions on the form.